If the consequences of fast fashion are so obvious, why do we keep buying it?

The best way to reduce the impact the fashion industry has, is using higher quality and more durable clothes.

The problem…it’s more expensive.

That’s why fast fashion is still consumed, many don’t know it’s possible to have high quality clothes in a cheaper and sustainable way.

Responsible consumption is fundamental to reach a sustainable future.

It’s time to change quantity for quality, prolonging the use of your clothes to reduce waste and have a more efficient use of the planet's resources.


What happens when you don’t want to wear the same clothes again?

You donate or give some away.

Others you keep, even if you don’t use them

Did you know that in the United States there are 9 billion garments that women keep from 2 to 5 years?

Because those that have a higher quality you appreciate them in a different way.

You don’t really want to donate them or give them away.

It’s estimated that every woman in the US has clothes that are not being used in their closet valued between $4800 and $12,000. 

Pieces that today, thanks to the circular fashion, can be used to dress you up again.

Why is circular fashion trending?

Because it allows you to save while  taking care of the planet.

Did you know that in the last 20 years clothes consumption has increased 400%?

- At reDress we have set out to make fashion compatible with environmental conservation.

- To be the alternative that allows you to obtain quality clothing economically for you and sustainably for the planet.

-  Give a second life to the garments that our users send us.

- In short… help you renew your wardrobe by buying less.

Every 1,000 exchanges we achieve:

1102 lb

Save 1,102 lb of clothes in landfills.

14800 gal

Save 14,800 gal of water for human consumption.

3748 lb

Reduce 3,748 lb of CO2 of our carbon footprint.

2 mill

Avoid that 2 million m3 of water get contaminated.

It is a pride not only to contribute our grain of sand every day, but also to have the recognition of the media and above all... of each person who uses reDress as a lifestyle.


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