If the consequences of fast fashion are so obvious, why do we keep on buying?

The best way of reducing the impact fast fashion has, is by using quality and more long-lasting clothes.

The problem…quality clothing is expensive.

Did you know that now is possible to have high quality clothes is an affordable and sustainable way?

Responsible consumption is key to reach a sustainable future.

It’s time to change quantity for quality, reducing waste and efficiently using the planet's resources.


What happens when you don’t want to wear the same clothes over and over again?

You donate or give some away.

Others you keep, even if you don’t use them

Did you know that in the US there are 9B garments that women keep up to 5 years in their closet?

This is because we treat expensive and quality clothing in a different way.

We don't just donate them or give them away.

A woman's wardrobe in the US in average is worth $8,400.

With circular fashion you can unlock your closet's value to dress up again.

Why is circular fashion trending?

Because it allows you to save while  taking care of the planet.

Did you know that in the last 20 years apparel consumption has increased 400%?

- reDress has the goal of making fashion compatible with environmental sustainability.

- To be the alternative that allows you to obtain quality clothing in an affordable and sustainable way.

- Give a another life to the garments that otherwise would end up in landfills.

- Help you renew your wardrobe by buying less and swapping more.

Every 1,000 exchanges we save:

1,102 lb of clothes ending up in landfills.

14,800 gal of water for human consumption.

Reduce 3,748 lb of CO2 of our carbon footprint.

Avoid that 2 million m3 of water getting contaminated.

We are humbled that our mission has not only been recognized by media, but that reDress is also becoming a part of people's lifestyle.


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