How do you swap clothes with us?

Did you find a dress you like from our catalog?

Now go to your closet and take out the clothes you want to swap.

Those garments you only used once or twice and never wore again.

Take pictures and upload them to our platform. 

We’ll validate them and let you know once your garment is approved.

Pay the type of the service you want to use:

- Daily Chic: $14.99 for clothes between $50 and $499.

- Designer Dress: $59.99 for clothes over $500.

You'll only pay a fix service fee per piece swapped and for shipping your garment to reDress, the rest is on us.

Print the pre-paid label and take your package to the nearest USPS store, or schedule a pick-up service with them.

We'll take care of the rest. 

Once we get your clothes, we'll verify them and give you reDress points for 100% of its real value.

 Choose any of the styles in our inventory and redeem your points to get them!

We'll send them directly to your doorstep with no additional charge.

Do you still have questions?

It’s normal, reDress is a new swapping concept where you don’t depend on someone else to make a swap.

It’s fast because you are swapping with us.

In our platform you have hundreds of ready-to-swap garments to choose from, an inventory of clothes that is constantly being renewed by our users.

It’s safe because you are swapping with us.

You’re not swapping with a stranger. All our garments go through a quality verification process before we post them on our plataform, so you always get mint condition pieces.

It’s easy because you are swapping with us.

Just follow our simple swapping steps and if you have any doubts or problems we'll assist you through the whole process

That's why we want make sure you don't only choose a dress you love, but also one that makes you feel fabulous.

We love surprising our community with exclusive offers, gifts and our lastest news.

We want you tobe part of our community and try this new way to consume fashion.

That's why you'll get your first garmment swap for free.


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