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ReDress is a clothing exchange platform. How is ReDress different from renting or reselling?

ReDress is America's first high-quality, light-duty garment exchange platform. Our mission is to get you to use your own clothes to obtain new garments of the same quality, without spending more money than necessary.

On our platform, users must always upload one or more garments to obtain others in exchange. This way we make sure to give the pieces a new life cycle, keeping you fashionable while taking care of the planet.

Unlike renting, when you swap clothes on ReDress, they are yours to keep, no returns.

Unlike reselling, with ReDress you can recover up to 90% of the original value of your pieces, offering a much fairer deal.

What kinds of clothes are exchanged at Redress?

In ReDress you will exchange clothes that you used for events with very little use, such as: mini, midi and maxi dresses, casual dresses, evening dresses, rompers, jumpsuits, jackets, sets, gala dresses and designer suits and bags in perfect condition.

What kinds of clothes you don’t accept at Redress?

Sportswear, T-shirts, shorts, skirts, jeans, pants, overalls, sweaters, leggings, shoes of any kind, cardigans, sports dresses.

How much is the minimum value of a garment that I want to exchange in Redress?

The minimum value of any garment must be $ 50.

How does the garment exchange work?

For each piece you trade, you can swap for another garment you like in our inventory for a flat rate and, if you look for something more expansive than yours, you can additional points to make that swap. Currently, you can exchange gowns, haute couture dresses. In the near future, we will be offering more items!.

How does Points works?

In any case, the points are estimated based on 100% of the original value of the garments.

We use points to make things fair, and make sure that you get similar value for what you send to Redress.

We calculate points based on some metrics, including, but not limited to, condition, retail value, brand, seasonality and others.

Every time you send us a garment, we will let you know the number of points assigned.

In case you want to check your Point’s balance, just log in to your account, and all information will be there.

If I am missing points to obtain the garment I want, can I buy?

Sure! You can acquire points on our platform, as long as these do not exceed 100% of the total points you have obtained for the garments that we previously approved in our validations (photographic and physical).

How much a point cost?

Each point cost USD1.00

Can I buy points and transfer it to someone else?

No, points are not transferable.

Can I exchange the points obtained from my garments for money?

No, the points i can only be exchanged for clothes within the platform.

How do I start an exchange i?

1. Register on our platform.

2. Upload photos of your garments for photo validation.

3. Pay the one-time !One time swap” rate.

4. Once photographically validated, send us trough USPS your garments for physical validation. We will then assign the final number of points to your garment.

5. Choose the Redress garments you want, available on the platform, with the points you received for yours or buy additional ones if you desire something unique!.

6. Receive your Redress garments at your door fully sanitized.

How many shipments per month can I request?

That’s really up to you! No limits!

How long until the points awarded for each garment, or the ones bought and not used expire?

Points have a duration of one year, from the moment they are awarded to your account.

How long after I have physically sent my garments will I receive the ones I chose on the platform?

Approximately between 48 to 72 hours after having physically verified your garments, you will be receiving the ones you chose on our platform, at your door.

Do I have to return the garments, like the rental programs?

No, from the moment you have the garments in your possession, they are yours, with no return.

Can I upload garments that I have obtained from ReDress back to the platform?

Of course. You can upload the garments you want, however, even if they have been on our platform, they will go through photographic and physical validation again.

Can I buy clothes on ReDress?

No. ReDress is the first high-quality apparel exchange platform in the United States. Our focus is on the exchange of garments and that users always find a variety of amazing pieces on our platform. This can only be achieved when each of the users uploads garments to exchange within the platform.

Should I wait for another user to like my garment to make the exchange?

No, at ReDress you exchange directly with our garments. We are a territory free of waiting.

What is the photographic validation of the garments for?

To make the process easier for you, we have the initial photographic validation process, where you send us the photos of your garments that you want to exchange and we make sure before you send them to us physically, that all the pieces meet the necessary standards for it to be part of our platform.

What is the physical validation of the garments for?

For us it is essential to ensure that the garments you will receive are in perfect condition. For this reason, we carry out the physical validation of all the garments that are sent to us. This way we verify that they do not have any details, stains or other aspects that will prevent you from having a ReDress experience.

Will I receive my garments I have exchanged washed?

All garments are fully sanitized, that is, free of viruses, germs and bacteria. The garments must be washed by the users before being sent.

How many uses does the clothes have?

Our garments will go through several swapping cycles. Every month we will evaluate the garments, if they are no longer suitable to remain on our platform, we will pass them on to upcycling centers for their transformation and extend their life.

Can I receive a garment in poor condition?

At ReDress we review each shipment very carefully to make sure that the garments we receive are in perfect condition, so it is not possible that you will receive a garment in poor condition.

How do you calculate the points awarded for each garment?

We have a system for awarding points that varies according to factors such as the type of garment, brand and estimated value that you paid for it. In any case, the points are estimated based on 100% of the original value of the garments.

How do you charge my swap?

All payments are processed by our payment service partner, Stripe.

ReDress will never save your billing information.

How do you charge the !One time swap” exchanges?

When you want to carry out the transaction, you will be able to see the amount to pay of the fixed fee for these unique exchanges, right there you will enter your credit card information, through our payment service partner, Stripe.

ReDress will never save your billing information.

What happens if I physically send a garment that does not correspond with the photographs that I uploaded to the platform and / or with the standards established by ReDress?

It is very important that you make sure that the garments that you will send us correspond to the photographs provided and comply with the standards that we specify. If when we validate the garment and it's not the case, the corresponding shipment to return the garment will be at your expense.

Who do I contact if I have a problem with my exchange?

Write us in our chat or send us an email immediately to [email protected] and we will respond as soon as possible.

How does the process of sending my garments to the platform work?

Once your garments have been photographically validated, you must send them to be physically validated by our experts. For this you will receive a label with a unique code that must be printed and placed on your package to send it to Redress with USPS.

What are the brands accepted at Redress?

The brands accepted by Redress are all those found in our list of accepted brands available on the platform.

How is the Redress process for the verification of luxury garments?

The luxury brands accepted at Redress are reviewed and verified by a team of certified fashion authenticators.

What happens if my luxury garment does not pass the authentication process?

To exchange luxury garments, we require purchase invoices and in some cases, certificates of authenticity. If we still do not accept your garments, we will send you a report specifying our reasons.

How do I know a garment will fit me?

We recommend that before making any swaps, you review the measurements of the garments and the comments about their size. This simple measure can make your exchange experience 100% satisfactory.

What are the characteristics of a good photo for the photographic validation process?

A good photo of the garment should not include you in it. We need a photo of the front of your garment, another one of the back of your garment and a closeup to appreciate the texture of the fabric. It must also be taken in excellent lighting to appreciate all its details.

What are the characteristics of garments rejected in Redress?

At Redress we will not accept: visibly worn garments, discolored, broken, seamless, stained, stretched, rinsed, ripped or painted pieces.

Where do I send my garments that I'm going to swap with ReDress?

At this time, we are using USPS

How do I update the billing and shipping information?

Your billing and shipping information is stored in your User Settings and can be updated at any time. Please note that the address stored in your account will become the default location where your garments are shipped. If you are traveling within the United States, Hawaii and Alaska, be sure to update the address in your settings with the destination location. If you are traveling and you are not sure of the delivery dates, please contact us directly.

Are the garments I want from the platform reserved for me once I have them in my cart?

These garments will be reserved for you, only when you send us yours for physical validation, not before.

Are you in the entire United States?

We are based in Miami, Florida and serve the entire country.

What is your return policy?

If you receive something that you don’t like, or does not fit, you may return or re-swap it. You just need to send ut back using the reusable mailer that your order arrived in. Your points will be refunded to your account as soon as we re-check the garment and guarantee they are in the same conditions delivered to you. We will also refund 50% of the swap fee charged.


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