Who we are!

At Redress, we want you to be able to renew your clothing quickly and sustainably for the planet.


Because we understand your situation..


In countless meetings or in your posts on social networks, you are constantly striving to be seen with different eyes. And you want to look good because it's important to you.

On the other hand…


You are increasingly aware of the pollution that the fashion industry produces in our planet. And that, spending your money on quality pieces to wear only once or twice, is not worth it.


That’s why we created Redress for you…


Redress is the first clothing exchange platform in the United States, so you can renew your wardrobe in a smart and sustainable way.


We offer you…


An inventory with hundreds of pieces, so you always have something new to wear.

It’s time to renew your wardrobe without having to wait for another user to want your clothes.

With Redress you will recover up to 90% of the value of those garments that you will not use again.

Quality is key for us! That’s why we have dedicated team that will check the quality of each of the pieces of clothing that are uploaded to the platform. So that you… Don't have to narrow down your options while supporting a sustainable fashion movement.


Receive those clothes you want immediately straight to your door!


Save most of the budget you spend on your wardrobe!


Rest assured that you are purchasing a carefully verified garment!



Dress Smart